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Minister’s Message for International Women’s Day, 8th March 2010
Minister for Health and Social Development, Mrs Marie-Pierre Lloyd
In 1992, Seychelles acceded to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The progress we made before and since our accession to that convention is remarkable. Through the passage of national policies and laws based on the principle of gender equality, Seychellois women’s rights have become unquestionable prerequisites for any form of development.

However, domestic violence and other forms of violence against women, drugs, prostitution and alcohol are all threatening the achievement of women’s rights. They are destroying women’s self esteem, dignity and self confidence. They are minimizing women’s contribution to our society.

This is why Seychelles is ratifying various legally binding instruments and strengthening its national capacity to protect, promote and restore women’s civic rights.

Our country is in the process of ratifying the Gender and Development Protocol of the Southern Africa Development Community. The spirit of the Protocol will be further enshrined in our national laws. Amongst other objectives, the protocol will
  • Provide for the empowerment of women, to eliminate discrimination and to achieve gender equality and equity through the development and implementation of gender responsive policies, legislation, , programmes and projects
  • Harmonize the implementation, within SADC Member States, of legal instruments on gender equality and equity
  • Deepen regional integration, attain sustainable development and strengthen community building.
This Protocol and the policies and laws that will derive from it will indeed achieve these objectives because they will value the civic rights of girls and women as citizens, their dignity and self-worth as individuals and will consolidate women’s families against dangerous social ills everywhere in the Southern Africa Region.

I am confident that with the continued relentless struggle of and support from, not just girls and women but also boys and men, every action we take within the framework of this protocol will signify more progress for all women and girls here and elsewhere.

I wish all women and girls in Seychelles a very happy international women’s day.

Gender Secretariat, 15.03.09