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Police Training : Law Enforcement and the Rights of Women
In February/March of this year, the Gender Secretariat was one of the technical agencies to collaborate with the Police Academy to provide Human Rights Training to senior Police Officers. This was an initiative born from the Riley Report recommendations for capacitating law enforcement agencies for increased accountability, efficiency and transparency. The programme was led by Mr Liam Quinn, the First Line Advisor to the Police Commissioner.

The unit on Law Enforcement and the Rights of Women developed by the Gender Secretariat used an interactive approach, to cover the theoretical background as well as illustrate the application of the theory to practice and bring life to the subject matter through a participatory group work. The expected outputs of the training were to give participants:
  • A brief summary of international and regional human rights standards applying to women
  • An outline of constitutional rights in relation to women and the role of the Police in general
  • A refreshed knowledge on domestic laws applying to gender based violence
  • An outline of the current limitations and gaps on legislative implementation
  • A basic understanding of the nature, causes and consequences of domestic violence
  • Introduction to the proposed National Strategy on Domestic Violence, and
  • Everyday examples of how this theory should be put into practice through case examples
The expected outcome of the training was raised awareness on the importance of eliminating gender discrimination in law enforcement activities, and the important role of Police in combating violence against women.

The training programme was a success and there will be future repetitions for other officers.

Gender Secretariat, 17.07.08